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Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Went to school in the morning to ask mr lim some maths question but then ended up playing bball. went to KCC after that to play again and then my stupid old cramps happen again. its like whenever i play too much sports, my left leg will always cramp. went home after that and watch hot shot episode 6 which is damn freaking nice. I think its the best among all the other episode i have watch so far because this episode is like totally dedicated to street ball. anyway this is hot shot episode 6, part 7. the street ball duel between jerry and some other kia.

9:12 PM
cause i can't breathe,
im barely hanging in on..

Tuesday, September 02, 2008

ok i just realized that i have 3 more posts than i finally reach 100!!! That is actually very very pathetic when you see people like Hui En has already posted like 300 times. actually i started blogging when i was like in sec 1 under the influence of people like vincent, huien blarh blarh, but then its like now they all 200 plus liao and i am like only still coming to 100. nvm i shall strive harder in future. went to school yesterday to hand in our LA film which is finally done! its like after dont know how many months and it is finally done. although our group had some disputes in the past, but then we still managed to finish everything finally. stayed at home the whole day today and tried to actually study but failed terribly. i seriously wonder why education in Singapore is so stressful such that once you dont mug, the after effect will just kill you.

*Anyway i got something very interesting to show all of you. HAHA

Does this look familiar to you?? HAHA. ok its just me trying to be guai lan. went to nick's house on monday to do editing with leon and we so happen to see a photo that looks like the photo above. This is meant to be a joke and people viewing this please dont ever think it is real.

10:45 PM
cause i can't breathe,
im barely hanging in on..

Saturday, August 23, 2008

went to peninsula shopping centre 2dae and shop for some guitar stuff and a shoe also. my dad and i shop around like for 2 hours and i finally saw this nike shoe that is quite nice. it is nike court force air max 93. it is quite nice and i actually already almost bought it but then the shoe had some prob so most likely monday then my dad go collect it.

Nike Court Force Air Max 93. Nice right? Lol

6:45 PM
cause i can't breathe,
im barely hanging in on..

Saturday, August 02, 2008

Went for CIP with bball team in the morning at 7.30am 2dae at jurong east stadium. then when we reached there, we realised that the thing is already. -.- . Apparently we all woke up at round 5.45 like tht. we went to tiong bahru for breakfast then jj they all have to go back sch train juniors, so i also juz follow them back lor to train myself. went home after that and then went for NDP preview at round 4 plus like tht. the fireworks was like OMG. its super super nice, but i forgot to take pics in the midst of admiring the sky.haha. anyway i find that this year's theme song is quite nice. its sung by hady mirza, our singapore idol. so i juz decided to upload the video for everyone to see.

10:22 PM
cause i can't breathe,
im barely hanging in on..

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

The tests are coming up again. its like we juz ended most of our tests last wk and then there will be tests next wk again. Anyway went to watch dark knight with janson, nick and sk last friday at cathay and it was damn nice. I think it will be the best show of this year. Even though we sat at the front row, the movie made it worth it. Went to eat dinner at burger king after that then went home. Yesterday, when going back with jk, janson, wen zhong, ys, leon and nick that time, something happened. i guess i will not disclose too much facts otherwise later JK will come and whack me. Haha. Actually i realise that by mentioning his name, I have already disclosed half of the incident. Went for maths tuition 2dae and cleared some binomial questions. I still dunnoe should watch money no enough 2 or mummy. Thats the problem when all the movies start opening at the same time.

9:10 PM
cause i can't breathe,
im barely hanging in on..

Sunday, July 20, 2008

this week was seriously just tiring and next wk will be even worse. we have 8 tests in 9 days. not bad right. haha. anyway went to see MAGICBOX on fri and it was very nice. All the illusions and stuff. ya. went to play bball on sat and then went to nick's hse after that to seek shelter from the rain. after that me, janson, jj and sk went b to KCC to play again and we played 4v4 against these group of china teenagers and they are seriously super guai lan. its like they keep cracking some stupid jokes and stuff. anyway went to pass tong wei her notes today coz i borrowed them for the QA test and then went to church after that. went to cut my hair 2dae in case mr yap or ms fang kao bei tml. haha. I juz realise tml is half day coz its racial harmony day. LOL

10:10 PM
cause i can't breathe,
im barely hanging in on..

Sunday, July 13, 2008

the dark knight is going to be opened in like 4 days time. wooh. it is said to be 1 of the best movie this year so its a must must must watch. lol. anyway i decided to post the trailer for everyone to see.

12:07 AM
cause i can't breathe,
im barely hanging in on..